La Mouette Noire, Game Over Tales, SpICE, and more!

Game Over Tales is my premiere line of comics, set in a multiverse of videogames where every character is aware of their videogame nature. In some, as the flagship title La Mouette Noire, this is played for laughs. In others, the drama is real even if the world is not.

In SpICE, intrepid spygirls infiltrate dangerous enemy organizations with the help of a satellite-linked supercomputer that can predict the immediate future. In most comics, the agents find themselves in a dangerous situation, and the outcomes of their possible courses of action are rendered in bloody detail.

Game Over Tales

La Mouette Noire

Action in an Elevator

Aileen vs Parasite

Commodore Flockgard

Crimson Corpse Sixgun

Crouching Ostrich Hidden Vulture


Gilded Hatchet


Lara Chang

Medal of Battle: Modern Duty


Salem Sanatorium


World Warrior Alpha EX Turbo

Additional Art


SpICE Extras

The Many Deaths of Lara Croft


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