Upcoming Features

I am planning to extend the “like” feature in two ways. First, I want to have a page where you can view everything you liked. So if you like several different comics, you can go to your “likes” page and see links to each of them (set up similar to the comics page, a thumbnail of the cover that links you to the full comic).

Second, I want to give the ability to like individual pictures. So in another section of your likes page, if you like a particular page of a comic, or a picture from Assorted Art, you’ll have them all in a single gallery you can look through.

Another feature I’m planning on implementing is a way to have a separate page with comments for individual images in the Assorted Art, Celeb WIPs, and Character Tests galleries. that way if you want to know who a certain celeb WIP is supposed to be, or make suggestions on character designs, you can do it on that individual image.

One other possible feature, but I am not sure how much people would want it. I am thinking about setting up an opt-in notification system, basically a mailing list that lets you know whenever I update the site. I would make it so that you can choose what notifications you get, maybe you are only interested in knowing when I post new comic pages, or maybe you want to know when I make a post to this blog, maybe you want to know whenever I post art to the Celeb WIPs gallery, maybe you want to know anytime I post any art at all.

If you have any ideas for features, or any comment on these feature ideas, post them here!

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