Operation Mango: Reactivated!

The first two pages plus cover for my new Medal of Battle: Modern Duty comic is up! It’s called Mango: Reactivated, and if you ever wondered what happened to Agents Kayleigh Cocoa and Becky Tinker, now you will find out! Hmm… it appears they are mostly just lying around being dead and receiving oral sex from the mysterious soldiers who strangled them to death after they surrendered. I guess is pretty on par for the course in MOB:MD.

For bonus art this week, here’s a nude version of the cover! By the way, I know the barrel change handle is not for holding the gun with… but it was hard to get a pose where the Ultimax was angled correctly AND it didn’t block Becky’s breasts, so we’ll all have to just deal with the lack of reality in my fantasy comic about video game characters 😀

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