MOB:MD – After Action is complete! 3 pages!

The final three pages of my Medal of Battle: Modern Duty comic, After Action, are up!

I think I have said before, this story started out as two or maybe three different stories that I ended up combining into one. The first few comics were about how the game is played (multiplayer, one life, gunfights against bikini killers), this comic is about what happens after missions and more broadly how the game works (healing, new players, debriefing) and the next comic will describe what the game is actually about.

This kind of thing is usually done with a big exposition dump at the start but for one thing, I hate big exposition dumps at the start, and for another, I wanted to start shooting up hot girls as soon as possible! So the story has been going “in media res” and the details coming out over time.

The next comic will be more MOB:MD, though there will probably soon be a short break for Salem Sanatorium. Not because I will need the break, but just because I want to do some more killing and the next story will be sex-heavy for a while (spoiler alert).

Anyway, more test art! Ignore the sheet behind her, that was supposed to be removed.

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