Mango: Reactivated continues! New benefit for Endgame Bosses: next page a week early!

Two more pages of MoBMD – Mango: Reactivated are up! It seems Agent Kayleigh Cocoa is not as dead as she appeared!

I have been working on this story for quite some time. The first raw renders are dated September of 2020! Originally I wanted to wait for _SYSTEMCRASH to finish, but then I started working on stuff other than _SYSTEMCRASH, and it kept getting delayed and holding up my other comics, so one of the reasons I decided to set _SYSTEMCRASH aside was to finally get to this story.

Since I have much of the art done for this story, I’ve decided to implement a new reward for Endgame Bosses (the highest reward tier): you will get access to the next page early, over at SubscribeStar! I will continue this as long as I have finished pages ready.

I posted a poll for Bosses, deciding whether to give the character Child shorts or pants. Here’s the art, go vote if you haven’t yet!

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