Bridge! And Subscribestar tiers

The sixth page of WWAExT – Bridge is up.

So digging into Subscribestar some more, it looks like I’ll be able to recreate my old Patreon tiers. For those not familiar:

  • Elite Mob ($1): The most basic tier, this allows access to some of my subscriber-only feeds, but mostly it’s just a way to support me if someone wants to do so but doesn’t want higher access rewards.
  • Miniboss ($4): At this tier, you get access to published stories a month after they’re completed.
  • Level Boss ($8): This is the basic subscriber level. You get access to every page the moment it’s published.
  • Endgame Boss ($12): This is the highest tier, though I will caution everyone that I’m pretty awful about providing extra rewards beyond the comic pages I try to put out every week. I think what I will do is that for long-time Endgame Bosses, I will work with each one to design a character to appear in one of my comics, and to help me decide how to kill them off.

I’m still working on getting my Subscribestar account activated, and I still have to build the OAUTH2 authentication link between Subscribestar and my site. So this change will not come soon. For more details and musings, check out my previous post!

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