Bridge, Subscribestar update

The new page of WWAExT is up (it went up yesterday, I just forgot to make a blog post).

Update on my Subscribestar page. First, it will be a while, maybe another month or so, before I can set up the secure OAUTH2 plugin that will link your Subscribestar account to your account on this site. So for now, if you really want to sign up, go ahead, but it’s just to support me if you want to. There’s no pay gating yet.

Speaking of pay gating, after talking with Subscribestar, I WILL have to put my sex+violence content behind a paywall. The content that is just sex will be free, the content that is just violence will be free, so basically almost all of my older content up to maybe 2016 or so will still be free for everyone.

For most of the content that I must paywall, it will just be $1 to sign up. For $4, you will get new comics a month after they are published; for $8 you will get each page the moment it comes out; and for $12 you will basically just be giving me an extra four dollars to be nice, and I will try to reward you with unique stuff like helping me design a character BUT NO PROMISES because I am basically terrible.

My Subscribestar page is if you really want to sign up! I have not decided what to do with my Patreon yet, I may shut it down. If anyone really wants me to leave my Patreon up, I will think about it.


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