I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, I have created a Subscribestar account and I am working with the API to allow me to set up pay membership (like I used to do with Patreon). This will take some time, but it’s in progress!

Most of the existing content on this site will remain free, and some new content (real content, like comic pages) will be published free after a delay of maybe a month or two. The subscription will be $7.99/mo, right between my old Patreon memberships of $4 to $12.

My Patrons have been really amazing. Thank you to all of you who have supported me all this time. I will make special rewards for those who have kept me going.

Anyway, as I say it will be some time before I get everything up and running. So for now everything is still free. And as I said, once I get subscriptions in place, most of it will STILL be free.

Please comment here or contact me with any questions! Here’s a sneak peek at some coming soon art!


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