_SYSTEMCRASH and Secret Files! More Hawkgal soon!

Two more pages for _SYSTEMCRASH, plus another dossier for Melbourne’s Secret Files and a special dossier for Melbourne’s Special Secret Files! As you can probably tell, I am improving my rate of productivity by quite a bit. My goal now is to get more finished comic pages done ahead of time, to the point where I can post 3 or even 4 pages per week.

Endgame Bosses get a treat: a mostly new page of Hawkgal! Someone challenged me saying that in the original, Hawkgal should have spun around and knocked the gun away with her quiver. I think this was a very brainy idea, so I made some art showing how that would turn out!

Oh, almost forgot: test art for two characters! Meet Jenny Block and Monelle Janae!

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