Technically not a new character!

My time will be extremely limited this week and next week so I am going to jump into a Medal of Battle: Modern Duty comic that I have had in preparation for a while but I hadn’t found a good time to put into the storyline. Before you get excited, this is NOT the story that will introduce the poll winner, Shaker. Instead it will “introduce” a character who has been in the story background but not on center stage yet. She has been on the cover of Melbourne’s Secret Files (and her Special Secret Files too), and she had a brief cameo in the most recent issue of _SYSTEMCRASH.

She is called Katie Riposte, and she is the battle partner of Becky Tinker! Katie has been around doing her own thing, because her partner Becky was presumed dead for a while before miraculously returning to action.

And now Katie is in her own comic! Hope she survives the experience! Please enjoy Medal of Battle: Modern DutySearch Pattern!

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