Salem Sanatorium, uh… continues?

Hm, doesn’t look like anyone in these two new pages HAS any continues…

Some editor’s notes, since there’s so much happening on this page. First, if you don’t recognize the hydras, we first saw them in La Mouette Noire issue 6, where they tore poor Mara to pieces, ending her game (until Easy accidentally used Mara’s continue coin to send her on a bunch of adventures through other games before finally bringing her home).

When we last saw the hydras, they were in Mara’s game over, about to tear her to pieces one final time. So that’s where they come from: they are a possible game over, created by Erma to end a player’s final life if they don’t have any continues.

We also have some guest stars in this update, some appearing for their first (and final?) time. First is Redbreast, the Black Bat’s current sidekick, who we met earlier in this issue. Also being eaten alongside Redbreast is Good Girl, who has thus far only appeared in test/preview art.

In the next panel are two more characters who have only appeared in test art, Quickhatch and Torrent.

I think that’s all the notes! Next week will be two more pages of Salem Sanatorium. After that, I may continue _SYSTEMCRASH, or I may take a break for that Lara Chang short comic I keep promising.

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