Game… Over… Also, SubscribeStar coming soon!

Well, it looks like Salem Sanatorium is over! Now we know what The Executive has planned! Although we don’t yet know why… or how she can be stopped!

Next week, we will most likely begin the 8-page Lara Chang comic that I have been saving. It’s much more low-key than these other comics have been (and unlike Salem Sanatorium, it’s not a tie-in to _SYSTEMCRASH, just a small one-shot).

And now, a big announcement regarding my SubscribeStar: after Thanksgiving it will be fully operational! You will be able to securely link your SubscribeStar account to your account on this site, which will allow you to see content based on subscription level. Probably not the most exciting news for most of you, since it means some of my content will be paywalled, but it’s pretty exciting for me because I’ve been eeking by on the generosity of a few dedicated fans (to whom I am FOREVER indebted) ever since PayPal demonetized me.

Here are the subscription levels, they’re basically the same as from when I had PayPal running.

Elite Mob ($1)

Elite Mobs are the basic tier. At this level, you get access to most of my comics—pretty much everything but the new stuff. New comics will be added to the Elite Mob tier sometime after being completed. That is, after the final page of a particular issue has been published, there will be a waiting period of a month or so, then Elite Mobs will be able to access it.

Miniboss ($4)

Minibosses are the comic reader tier. At this level, you get access to all of my comics as soon as they’re published—that is, once again, after the last page of a particular issue has been published.

Level Boss ($8)

Level Bosses get all my content as soon as it hits the site. Each page of each issue, plus any bonus art and behind-the-scenes content, the very second I upload it!

Endgame Boss ($12)

Endgame Bosses are my most generous subscribers. To be honest, I’ve always struggled with properly rewarding this tier, because simply getting my pages out on time takes most of my focus and effort. But if and when I produce something special—I dream of one day creating games with my art—Endgame Bosses get first crack. And if an Endgame Boss has an idea for a character, or a story idea, I’m always excited to discuss it with them (though as always I never promise anything).

The good news is, if you’re reading this, I will be making you a “lifetime dollar subscriber”. Everyone who currently has an account on this site will get free Elite Mob-level access to my comics, forever. I don’t like the idea of completely cutting off someone who is interested in my comics but who can’t pay. I also have some rewards in mind for my PayPal subscribers.


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