New WWAExT comic!

Sorry to start a whole bunch of new comics, but the ones I was working on (WitchCraft and Lara Chang) were a bit complex and I needed some breathing room. So I’m putting up pages from a comic I started working on a while ago, since they’re already done and the comic itself is pretty simple to continue (only two characters, no intricate posing). This one is another World Warrior Alpha EX Turbo comic, called Go for the Throat.

Freebie this week is some character art for an upcoming comic, Legend of Ocarina. Several of my readers helped me pick a name for my parody Link character, she is called Ocarina (Rina for short). The other character is La Espada Flaca, a parody of a certain Zelda boss.

Also, the software to automatically switch comics from Level Boss ($8) to Miniboss ($4) is glitchy, so if you were not aware, SpICE: The End and the single-page Lara Chang: Tap That are both available to Miniboss patrons now.

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