MoB:MD complete! And… _SYSTEMCRASH!?

The final page of Medal of Battle: Modern DutyExamination is up! These last few pages are a callback to the very first issue. Emma Rind had a slightly different outfit in that issue (for all of one page) but hopefully she can be recognized.

And so is one page of _SYSTEMCRASH//INDEX1! Yes, after a long absence, I have started making new pages for _SYSTEMCRASH! I was getting restless with my upcoming stories and realized I had planned some very bloody pages for _SYSTEMCRASH before taking a hiatus from it. Not sure how many pages I will add before going back to different projects again.

Here are some of the screenshots for Emma Rind that could be seen on Tara Queen’s phone. The extra spicy pic seen on her phone this week is now available for Endgame Bosses, along with some other art!

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