_SYSTEMCRASH updated, free comics until Jan 1! Three pages per update starting next year!

Two new pages of _SYSTEMCRASH are up!

Also up, you might notice, are little tags on each issue with a price. Those will be the SubscribeStar subscription level you’ll need in order to access them, come Jan 1 2021. Over the next few days I’ll be adding in code that will say something like, “The SubscribeStar level for this issue is Level Boss ($4), your current level is Elite Mob ($1)” so that you can get an idea of what the different levels offer.

Also starting Jan 1, each weekly update will be three pages instead of two. At least to start, I’ll be doing two pages of the “main” story (_SYSTEMCRASH right now), and one page of a backup story (early $12 subscribers are currently voting on which backup story will be first). I’ll continue 3-page updates until at least June, at which point I’ll likely decide to either stay at 3 pages or even bump it up to 4 pages.

Important to note, if you’re reading this, you will ALWAYS be able to access the $1 level, which as you can see is almost all of my comics. At $4 you can read all but the most recent comics, and at $8 you can read every comic page the day it’s published. There’s also a $12 level, but that’s just for fans who want to donate a little more; I’ll reward the $12 tier with some advance art and early access to previews here and there, but there’s no big reward for the $12 level.

Oh, and you might run into some errors on the site as I finish up my coding. For instance, right now the blog page doesn’t work (but individual posts do). If the error blocks you for more than a few hours, please let me know!

In the meantime, enjoy this piece of upcoming art!

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