_SYSTEMCRASH and SubscribeStar!

Two more pages of _SYSTEMCRASH! It seems the Executive has been completely defeated… I wonder what’s going on back in Game Over?

My SubscribeStar linkage is complete! For the moment, it simply informs you of your current subscription level. Come January 1st, you’ll need to sign up to get the latest content. As I’ve said before, though, if you’re reading this, your account will be “grandfathered” in as a Lifetime Elite Mob—you’ll get access to all of the comics at the $1 support level, which really is most of them if you look through the catalogue.

The good news is, with SubscribeStar comes more pages! For January, I’ll be updated FOUR pages per week: two for _SYSTEMCRASH and two for a sidestory. My early Stars got to vote, so the upcoming sidestory will star Maraj and a very naught brainsucker. Here’s the first page as a preview:

If you want to see what happens next, you can sign up right here! Two new pages (pages 2 and 3) will go up the first week of January!

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