WitchCraft updated!

Two more pages are up for this story! I think you’ll like them 😀

I estimate that this story will take maybe ten more pages… which means it will PROBABLY take twenty more pages, because I always greatly underestimate my page count. I used to write comics in a very structured way, I would sit down and write out a whole script from start to finish, and them make the art for the comic. Now I mostly use the “Marvel method”, where I have the plot idea for the story in mind, but I make the art first and then fill in the dialogue as I go. It’s probably not the best way to do it, since the Marvel method was intended for entire comic books, where as I do the art+dialogue cycle every two pages or so. But on the plus side, doing the art first keeps me focused on the art. If I’m not very careful with my dialogue it tends to become extremely extremely wordy! If I do the art first, then I can let the art carry a lot of the story, which tightens up my dialogue.

Regarding Patreon, for now the site is going to be voluntary support only. Patreon has made it clear that if I cross the line again I will be banned permanently. So I am looking around for other payment gateways I can use to limit access to the site. Payment processing for this kind of art is very hard to do. So for now, please enjoy the art, and contribute to my Patreon as much as you feel is best!

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