WitchCraft: Against the Kultists complete!

I had originally intended for the WitchCraft story to go on for another 4-5 pages, but looking at what I had written I realized it was mostly filler and exposition, which I don’t like. I prefer my comics to be “all action” as much as possible, and to describe the setting by showing action rather than by having characters explain it to each other. So I decided that this was a good place to wrap the story up and set the stage for the next one.

The next one will not be for a while, though! I have some new stories lined up that I am excited to show. The first one will be a follow-up to Salem Sanatorium: Rogues’ Gallery. Rogues’ Gallery introduced many of the game’s villains, the next story will introduce more of its heroine players.

Finally, I really liked working on my Atomic Blonde fan art, so I made another one!


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