Welcome back, Minerva!

Minerva has always been one of my favorite characters, so it’s nice to have her back… and gone again! She looks a little different now, I couldn’t reconstruct her tattoos exactly and I gave her a body that’s a little more similar to her real life inspiration. I’ve been doing that with all of my remade characters, I used to base them all on the default model but it turns out the default model is scaled to be about 5’11”! That’s seven inches taller than the average woman. So as I remake characters, especially ones based on celebs, I make them more similar to their actual height, which mostly involves shrinking them down a lot. Of course the head actually stays about the same size no matter how tall you are, so after shrinking them I have to blow up the head a little bit.

But the important thing is that they’re coming back! I still need to start reconstructing my game interfaces, all I’ve done so far is the characters themselves.


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