Uploading takes a little more time!

Two more pages each of _SYSTEMCRASH and Mindless! Uploading four images instead of two takes a bit more time, hence the update only going up this morning rather than last night.

By the way, I’ve been making small updates at my SubscribeStar page for subscribers, just some preview art, test art, and unused pages. It’s not much, certainly not the MAIN reason to subscribe, but it’s a little extra.

Here’s one of the previews I posted: test renders of my new character Ginger Jarrs. She’ll be showing up in Salem Sanatorium.

Right now I’m calling her “Iron Ma’am” but hopefully that won’t be the final name!
Her suit opens for easy access
Early version of her face
Face updated to look a bit more like the actress

I’ve also been thinking about making a Discord for my art and comics. I’ll update next week with more info.

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