Salem Sanitorium: Rise Above fully updated! Plus, voting!

Two new pages for Salem SanitoriumRise Above have been posted, and ALL of the pages (six in total) have been updated with dialogue and FX! I think the art pretty much told the basic story, but there’s some important info in the dialogue.

As I posted a little earlier, the Endgame Boss-only poll I ran has finished, and the “winner” is Robyn Savage! Endgame Bosses get some celebratory art!

I realize I did not explain fully why I ran these polls. Basically, I have LOTS of characters designed for this comic. Here is a preview of some of them:

This art includes many characters you have seen, and some you have possibly not. I have THREE TIMES this many more characters created. Some characters I have specific story plans for. Some characters I have specific deaths planned. Most of the characters are just waiting their turn!

In order to hopefully draw more interest, I plan to let my viewers have a say in which characters enter the story next. Sometimes, I will add a character because the story I have planned for them is important to move the overall narrative. But just as often, I will add a character because I think they are sexy and I want to kill them off.

Don’t think that a voted-on character is just there to get killed off! I have put many characters in there who I have longer term plans for. Basically I want it to always be a bit of a surprise when a character dies.

Anyway, please enjoy the art I created for the Endgame Boss poll between Robyn and Zef!

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