Rejected update, and current status

I had hoped to get back to regular updates by now, but unfortunately instead of getting less complicated during my break, my life actually got MORE complicated when someone decided to wreck my car! No one was hurt (I wasn’t even in it), and insurance is covering everything, but it added a lot of stress and a lot of extra obligations which has left less time to get back to making my art.

Rather than continue to post no updates, I am going to start something that I have intended to do for a while but never found the time. When I make my comics, quite often I will make several pages’ worth of art and then decide for whatever reason that I don’t like it, and start over. These rejected sequences sit in my art folders untouched pretty much forever, on the off chance that I want to reference them or use them in something else.

What I’m going to do for the next few weeks is to post some of these rejected sequences as bonus art. They will largely be unfinished, with little or no post-processing (special effects, etc) and definitely no dialogue.

This week’s rejected sequence involves Hannah Wyoming and Elizabeth Grant, from the Charlie’s Saints team in Medal of Battle. They have actually only shown up in a short sequence in _SYSTEMCRASH, as teammates of Angel Venti.

Originally I had planned to kill them off fairly soon, captured, raped, and executed by enemy mobs. I eventually decided to go a different route with them, so here is their rejected death scene. It’s four pages with very little postwork, but I think it’s fun and I’ll definitely re-use the concept later.

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