No One Special: Complete!

The final two pages of Salem Sanatorium: No One Special starring The Night Bat are up! I’ve also added a cover. Sorry for the slight delay, I am moving around between projects and forgot to update the site.

This comic is based on something probably most people are familiar with, when you load into a new game that looks like fun, and you run up to the first enemy and get merc’d. Like Mario running into the first goomba. I wanted to look at what that would be like in one of MY games!

No One Special was originally going to be a little longer, but when I put page 6 together and looked at it, I thought it was actually the best ending I could do. We will probably see The Night Bat again (or her body, anyway) in other stories, but this one was HER story, and her story is over at that page. Everything after that is a part of someone else’s story, so I decided to end it there.

Next week will be another Salem Sanatorium story, this one featuring my version of characters from an upcoming superhero movie!

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