Never Gonna Get It: Gotten!

The final two pages of Medal of Battle: Modern DutyNever Gonna Get It are live! Sorry it took so long, I was experimenting with different types of torso stump technology. In the end my usual approach had the best results.

Hopefully the story overall makes sense, I don’t like to spell everything out. If you are disappointed that we didn’t get to see what happened to N.V.O.G. after they were ambushed and killed, don’t worry, I am going to have more “documentation photos” of it in a separate story. While of course we are all here for the blood and gore, I wanted to move on and introduce more characters. Plus the art for turning Nadia Ellis and the rest from dead, naked mercenaries into abandoned onaholes will take time, it would be difficult to keep up a weekly schedule.

But in terms of more characters, we will soon see a story introducing Shaker! We have already “met” her with some intro art, here is a bloodier version! Subscribers will get no-clothes versions in another post!

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