Moving on and moving forward

isn’t she beautiful

Above is my first render in DAZ Studio. It’s Genesis 8 Female (G8F) with a morph and skin intended to resemble Jenna Coleman, with all the render options at their defaults. Not exactly ready to be framed in one of my comics, but it’s a start!

I’ve spent the past few days spending way too much time and money acquiring a new content library. I’ve been picking out pieces for certain characters and jotting them down, right now I have notes for Mara, Faucon, Black Bat, and mental files on a few others (including Lara Chang, for those of you wondering). None of the characters will be exactly the same, obviously. I’m using a completely different base model with completely new clothing and accessories, and I’ll be rendering it all with a completely new engine (Iray instead of Firefly).

In addition to the characters, I have to figure out how to convert a bunch of old Poser stuff to work in DAZ/Iray. I can still redownload the vast majority of my old runtime. In theory I could actually try to pick up where I left off with Poser, but no matter what I have to recreate all my characters, outfits, scenes, and so on from scratch. Between trying to recreate what I made, based off the comics and scraps I have online + my memory, and just creating new versions from scratch, I think creating the new versions will probably actually be faster. But a lot of the old resources will be usable so I have to learn how to convert them.

And I still haven’t started rebuilding my Photoshop suite. All my fonts and brushes have to be redownloaded and installed, I have to remake my comic templates, I have to try to recreate all the saved layer styles I used for special effects like blood, sound fx, captions, and so on. And then I have to rebuild the individual comic templates, with all the icons, health bars, organizational layers, guides, and on and on.

All of this is to say, it’s going to take a while but I’ll be back. I think it will probably be months before I start posting comics again. Hopefully sooner, but I have a lot to do and a lot to learn. The important thing is, this whole fiasco is just a bump in the road. Nothing is over. The characters you like are coming back, their stories will continue, and eventually they’ll all be a big pile of naked dead bodies. Just how we like ’em!


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