MOB:MD Player Select!

The current issue of Medal of Battle: Modern Duty will be wrapping up soon. After that, for reasons that will be explained in the comics, new players will be joining the comic. As I have hopefully made clear in the story, MOB:MD is about a war-torn DMZ where foreign mercenaries fight local terrorists. The foreign mercenaries are the player characters, the ‘heroines’ though maybe its questionable if there are any heroes at all in this story!

Anyway, I have created a growing number of characters who will be joining the fight over time. I would like to let my subscribers choose which one will be entering the battlezone first! Here are the options. You can cast your vote at my SubscribeStar!

Vote here!

Endgame Bosses got a preview of this already. They will also be getting a nude preview, and after this vote is done they will also get a second, Endgame Boss only vote for which remaining character will enter the game second!

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