MOB: After Action!

Welcome to the first installment of MOBMD: After Action! This comic starts with four pages because I ran out of time last week to finish the first two. It seems the deadly Lexa Zetta had a little more problems with that last op than she wanted to admit to, so she has returned to the main questgiver Melbourne for some “medical care”. We saw how “first aid” works all the way back in Operation Mango, well some injuries are too severe to be overcome with a little mouth-to-mouth, and the caregiver must use other bodyparts on other orifices.

Sorry for the big exposition roundup, but Medal of Battle: Modern Duty has a longer story and worldbuilding taking place in the background of all these pretty ladies getting shot to pieces, and I thought it might help to give a little reminder of what has been shown so far.

Anyway, here’s some preview art of some characters I have plans for in Salem Sanatorium!

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