Mango Reactivated: finally someone tells us what’s going on!

Two new pages of MOB:MD – Mango Reactivated are up!

The first issue of Medal of Battle: Modern Duty was published over three years ago. Back then the comic was called “Near Tears” as a play on “Far Cry”, which is one of the few FPS game series I enjoy playing. This was a TERRIBLE name, and the setting was actually much more like Ghost Recon Wildlands than any of the Far Cry series, so eventually I renamed it to sound like a generic military shooter.

Also eventually, I started making all of the player characters based on pop stars, even though the first character was based on a character from a TV show… and another one is based on a short-lived ad campaign. If I could start over they’d ALL be pop stars and musicians, but oh well. There’s no real reason to make them all pop stars anyway, just my crazy obsessiveness!

Anyway, now, over three years later, somebody is FINALLY explaining the game’s setting. To be honest, I think these next few pages are some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever written, but I like really bad jokes and really deadpan humor so maybe I’m the only one who will be laughing.

The next few pages have lots of girls getting shot, so enjoy! Endgame Bosses get a sneak peek at what’s coming!

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