I WONDER who this WOMAN could be

Sorry for the terrible pun! Welcome these two new heroines to Salem City, they prefer to be called “Scythian Queen” and “Scythian Princess” but everyone just calls them Scythia and Ms. Scythia.

Some history on where I got these heroines’ names from, ancient Scythia was a nomadic empire around the time of the Greeks, and some historians today think they and/or the Sarmatians may have been at the root of the Greeks’ legends of Amazons. Tombs of Scythian women have been found containing many objects of war, and many Sarmatian women have been found buried with bows and weapons. I thought Scythia sounded cooler than Sarmatia, so I picked it for the name of the magical homeland of Scythia and Ms. Scythia!

I have a number of guest heroines who are based on Wonder Woman, such as Amazon Arrow and Curia. These and other such heroines will be transplanted to Scythia, just to keep things simple!

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