Good news and bad news

The bad news is, no MoB:MDExamination update this week. The good news is, I have a new gaming/art machine, and it renders much more quickly than my old machine! I spent so much time setting up my new machine and trying to get it to be able to share files with the old machine, I didn’t have time to do the art this week. I’m still working on getting the sharing to work, I wanted to have the files all live on my old machine but Poser doesn’t do well with sharing. So I’m still working on setting up the file structure to work with both machines.

The more good news is, my new machine renders MUCH faster! I think probably about half the render time, depending on the scene. And it doesn’t get as slowed down by big, complicated scenes, so even faster for those.

Just to have something to test everything on, I made a small scene with Dark Rey vs Vader. Here is the preview image for it, the full art will be a 1-2 page comic in prestige size.

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