Courtyard update! And moving forward

Two new pages of WWAExT: Courtyard, bringing us back to schedule.

I’ve decided I’m not going to make any effort to continue _SYSTEMCRASH. Even though I haven’t updated it for a while, it’s still been on my “to do” list, and having a long to do list drains my energy even when I try to ignore it!

The point of _SYSTEMCRASH was to have a self-contained story where I could skip around between characters as I created or re-created them, so that I could update my site while rebuilding my assets. It was successful in that sense, but like almost all of my stories, it ended up running longer than I expected. And by this point, I want to get on with telling my ACTUAL stories. _SYSTEMCRASH was always going to end with things going “back to normal”, so in terms of the story of Game Over Tales (both the overall plot and the plots of the individual comic titles) it doesn’t change anything that _SYSTEMCRASH gets left incomplete.

I may still work on it and may even still actually finish it, if I regain interest. But for now, I’m letting myself off the hook.

Anyway, enjoy Courtyard!

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