I’ve got two new pages of _SYSTEMCRASH up! We should be able to stick with _SYSTEMCRASH for a while, though I might take a break at some point and post that Lara Chang comic I promised.

Speaking of _SYSTEMCRASH, here are two minor characters that I’ve been updating. They had a brief cameo in the first part of Venti’s portion of the comic, but I wasn’t really pleased with how they came out. They were supposed to be parodies of Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey, teamed up with my Ariana Grande character because… well, silly reasons. Anyway, like I said, I wasn’t pleased with how they came out, so I updated them. They’ll eventually be appearing again in the Medal of Battle comics.

Hannah Wyoming
Hannah Wyoming
Elizabeth Grant

Oh, and speaking of Medal of Battle, I have a new ‘default’ cover image for those comics. Like Edgeworld, MoB will be mostly short one-shot comics rather than full issues, so I have a default cover image for those stories.

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