As Promised, a three page update!

Three more pages of Medal of Battle: Promising are up! Let’s see if our heroine can use her mouth to get out of this one. But not by talking.

At some point I may go back and add the random ümläüts to the Soldats’ speech. But maybe not. It’s kind of amusing, but it takes SO much time to add them in.

New superheroes this week: meet GenX! They are based off Gen13 from WildStorm. Funnily enough the real Gen13 was originally going to be called GenX (most likely as in “generation 10”, since Gen13 is literally the 13th generation of superhuman experiments), but Marvel was like “but no you’re not”.

Spicer versions will be up for Endgame Bosses at SubscribeStar! Everyone else will get the spicier versions next week 😀

From L to R, Chota, Prettybaby, and Plummet

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