_SYSTEMCRASH, Salem Sanatorium, and Medal of Battle!

Sorry it took so long, FINALLY this week and last week’s updated are done! Gilded Hatchet: Mindless concluded a few weeks ago, and the next comic in line (voted for by my Stars) is Salem Sanatorium: A Lonely Street! This story introduces the troubled heroine Cambienne, who is of course a takeoff of Raven from Titans/Teen Titans.

I am taking a pause on _SYSTEMCRASH to build up my buffer again, in the meantime I will be posting a new Medal of Battle story called Knives Out! This story features a new character, Lexa Zetta. She is inspired by COD:MW character Mara, who was in turn modeled off a real model. To be honest Mara doesn’t really look all that much like the model she was based on, I tried to base mine more off the model, Alex Zedra.

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