_SYSTEMCRASH continues!

Two more pages are up for _SYSTEMCRASH//INDEX2! These pages may be a little confusing if you have followed the DEEP LORE of Medal of Battle: Modern Duty, since Barbz appears alive even though we saw her die in another issue. The answer is, all of _SYSTEMCRASH takes place before the comics I have made since my real system crash (HDD failure) a few years ago.

For MOB:MD, that means that everything after Operation: Mango hasn’t happened yet. It also occurs right in the middle of Salem Sanatorium: Disarmed, as we saw in _SYSTEMCRASH//INDEX0.

While I am explaining things, someone asked why _SYSTEMCRASH issues are numbered 0, 1, and 2, instead of 1, 2 and 3. Well, it’s computer nerd stuff. In an array, the first item is at index 0, the second at 1, and so on. I could explain a lot more about memory offsets and so on but you are here to see sexy heroines get killed horribly, not be bored to death with computer science history lectures!

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